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Malone Sibun, Come Together. Album Review.
Liverpool Sound and Vision rating 8.5/10

We see ourselves as victims of fate and at the behest of the whispers of destiny, and yet we stand idly by when the two ideologies Come Together in our favour and openly declare that they have seen the rich goodness in our efforts, in our dreams and for that they wish to reward us; to continue the good work. Yet for most of us, we either look upon this gift with shock, disbelief or even incredulity, not realising that we still have a part to play, fate and destiny may offer the result, but we still have to believe in the vision we first embraced.

It is in the coming together of two people that a union is blessed, but it is one that can often come out of the blue, a surprise encounter which is met with sincerity and a greater belief in your own abilities, and all because someone wants to collaborate with you. Fate and destiny are joined in the titanic battle to prove you have self-worth, something honestly beautiful to admit and show the world.

For Marcus Malone and Innes Sibun, fate and destiny must have rubbed their hands together in glee at the prospect of two prominent Blues Rock stars performing music, and in the age old wisdom that benefits such encounters, Come Together is a powder keg of emotions that is lit up by the hand of productivity, the sense of urgency and classic demeanour holding the match steady and a breath of the exotic life pouring on petrol; all in all the burning of outdated approaches is stoked by these two Blues Rock machines and the surrounding players that punch the air with delight as another stereotype falls.

A procession of charm, skill and craving for that often-elusive song that others fear to chase, Innes Sibun and Marcus Malone, along with Chris Nugent, Roger Inness, Stevie Watts, Moz Gamble, Chantelle Duncan and Massimiliano Guidi chaperon songs such as Let Me Love You, I Want You Back, Jodie, She’s My Girl and Everyday’s A Miracle but then when backs are turned, let them run wild with excitement and exhilaration, all in the same fruitful direction, one to which fate and destiny have decreed shall Come Together and in perfect time.

An album of remarkable virtue, pleasing, full of vigour and urge; Come Together is a new thought for the innovative decade ahead.

Malone Sibun’s Come Together is released on Friday 31st January 2020 vis Redline Music.

Ian D. Hall

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