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Already nominated for Best Band in this year’s European Blues Awards, Malone Sibun combines the talents of Innes Sibun (lead) and Marcus Malone (rhythm and vocals) in a nicely pulled off nod to the classic rock era. “When the chance comes along to play with a great musician who is travelling down the same musical road, then you jump at it,” Innes tells us. Marcus counters, “Innes has shades of my favourite players – Page, Hendrix Kossoff – a soulful approach and the dynamics of BB King.” The result is a bluesy, rocky melange that will transport you back to the days of Whitesnake, Bad Company and their like.

Blues News Norway – Review

Noen husker kanskje at Innes Sibun var Robert Plants gitarist i noen år på 90-tallet? Han har siden...

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HRH Magazine Interview

Both Marcus Malone and Innes Sibun are respected names on the British blues rock circuit. And although they may have spent much...

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Maximum Volume Review

ou can’t even call it making up for lost time, but nonetheless, I don’t know how many bands have been...

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Blues in Britain Review

Uncomplicated, Hill Country style of blues, almost understated and underproduced, its exciting and inspiring...

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Power Play Magazine Review

The two veteran blues musicians Marcus Malone & Innes Sibun have teamed up to prove that two is better than one. Their new collaborative album 'Come Together' sees both artists score a career best. Duncan...

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Blues News Review

Der Brite Innes Sibun begleite als Gitarrist Ausnahmesänger wie Robert Plant und zuletzt Sari Schorr. Sein Partner Marcus Malone - nicht zu verwechseln mit dem gleichnamigen Santana-Mitglied - stammt aus Detroit, hat reichlich Motown-Sound...

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